We offer integrative online lessons based on Pilates Mat workout. Lessons are a mixture of light cardio and muscle toning exercises.

Lessons are designed to release excessive tension in the body, using a simple touch with our hands to stimulate the nerves, followed by smooth standing movements to balance the posture. Next, we incorporate some simple Pilates movements to strengthen the awareness toward deep muscles. Finally, we end with deep stretchings.  

Lessons may include the following modalities:

1. Qi Gong

2. Alexander Lawen’s exercises

3. Pilates Mat Workout

4. Modern dance technique

5. Continuum Movement

6. Fascia stretching

Keeping good blood circulation and a balanced body fat ratio to prevent blood clots is crucial to guard ourselves in this time of Covid 19. Therefore, lessons overall lead us to burn excessive body fat, cultivate deep muscles, and finally bring ourselves to a relaxed and wholesome state of being to help ourselves go through these rough times with maximum comfort. Please refer to the article below for detailed information.

Physical inactivity is associated with a higher risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes: a study in 48 440 adult patients


Online Personal lessons(75min.)5,500yen/1 lesson 
17,600yen/4 lessons, valid for 2 months
Persons under the age of 25 may take a lesson for 3,300yen

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Online Group Lessons(approx.75 min.)1,650yen/1 lesson, per family

We offer Online Group lessons both in Japanese and English.

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Payment method

Fees are payable via PayPal.


Tetsuko Hamaguchi

A graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School where she learned classical ballet, modern dance, flamenco, exercises created by Irene Dowd and Peggy Baker. After dancing for contemporary dance companies such as Saburo Teshigawara and H Art Chaos, she started offering Pilates lessons in Tokyo and giving ballet lessons to children at The International School of Sacred Heart and The British School in Tokyo. She is currently studying under Rebecca Lawson to become a registered Continuum Movement Teacher of Continuum Teachers Association.